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A good night's sleep re-establishes your energy levels, allows your brain to consolidate memories, and promotes restoration processes in your organs. Many essential substances are produced by your body during sleep.
Only a family member or a bed-partner may observe any unconscious behaviour such as snoring, pauses in breathing (apnea), twitching, jerking, talking, kicking.

There are over 60 categories of recognized sleep disorders and you may be suffering from one or more of these without being aware. Very often, the only clue is the feeling of not having had enough sleep; or you may experience daytime signs such as drowsiness, lack of attention, memory loss, excessive fatigue, impaired concentration, decreased sex drive. Only an expert physician is able to detect a possible underlying cause thanks to targeted questions and a comprehensive examination, and thereby to prescribe the appropriate test to confirm a precise diagnosis and recommend the correct therapy.

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policy is not to simply propose an instrumental diagnosis and to prescribe the same standard treatment for everybody. Joining their abilities, an ear, nose and throat specialist, a lung specialist and an orthodontist study the choice strategy for each patient, customizing it in consideration of age, collateral risks and presence of other diseases. A cardiologist, a neurologist, a dietician, and other specialists adjust the therapy by performing in-depth analysis. Sleep apnea may lead to serious health problems and aggravate other medical disorders. Symptoms vary widely in patients according to personal characteristics and age. Here at our Sleep Clinic you may be diagnosed with the utmost precision, receive full information and a proper treatment and finally enjoy a long-term follow-up care using a multidisciplinary approach.

Treatment plan

Physicians suspecting a sleep-related breathing disorder prescribe polysomnography, a specific multi-parametric test which records breathing, heart rhythm and oxymetry. This sleep study test can be performed at home, by means of a small device applied in our practice.

Dr. Rosaria Sommariva, dentist and specialist orthodontist, founder of the Sleep Clinic, will receive patients upon their first consultation, thereby involving and coordinating the other specialists.
The lung specialist, expert in sleep medicine, will assess the gravity of the disorder and complete the outcome of the sleep study test with all the personal data available, appraising possible presence of co-existing breathing or cardiac pathologies. In many cases, an oral appliance represents an effective and non-invasive solution of the detected sleep-related breathing disorder.

Sleep-related breathing disorders are chronic diseases requiring a long-term follow-up to maintain the treatment results.

Dental sleep medicine

Sleep-related breathing disorders are widely represented in population, although awareness concerning these pathologies is by no means widespread. These disorders involve serious consequences due to continued unrefreshing rest which may interfere with physical, mental and emotional functions, thus affecting daily routine.

A large number of patients find oral appliances to be an effective and non-invasive solution to breathing problems during sleep. Consultation with an orhodontist specialising in dental sleep medicine, who will perform an accurate check-up and in-depth instrumental tests, is necessary to confirm a precise diagnosis and deliver a written, detailed treatment plan.

The dentist specialising in sleep medicine will accurately examine morphology and health conditions of teeth and oral cavity. He or she will study the jaw joint, paradontal condition and general health. The oral appliance will be custom-made by a qualified manufacturer.

Oral appliance therapy (OAT)

Oral appliances for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and snoring give many advantages:

  • they are clinically validated and patented
  • they allow normal opening and closing of the mouth
  • they are highly comfortable to wear
  • they allow speech and drinking
  • they are easy to carry when you travel
  • their effectiveness for OSA treatment is clinically tested
  • they are recommended by health insurances in many Countries
  • they are CE-compliant, approved by FDA, ISO certified and registered with Swissmedic
  • they cause no claustrophobic feeling
  • they allow lips to seal naturally
  • they are custom-made, to satisfy any individual requirement of each patient
  • they are comfortable, effective and accurately calibrated
  • they may be adjusted gradually to reach optimal therapeutic position
  • they are easily accepted by patients
  • they distribute forces uniformly on all the teeth
  • they provide a better protection for teeth thanks to a uniform distribution of forces on the two plates

Patients confirm their high efficacy:
  • 96% of the patients diagnosed with OSA declared their willingness to continue using the oral appliance
  • 91% of the patients declared having obtained substantial improvements in quality of sleep thanks to OAT

A top-quality customized manufacture makes the oral appliance:
  • highly comfortable
    • long-lasting
    • guaranteed for two years

Sleep apnea: the unrecognized epidemic

Patients suffering from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) may display hundreds of apnea episodes each night, but it is most unlikely they remember anything in the morning. If the person lives or sleeps alone, as it frequently is the case for loud snorers, he or she may not be aware of his or her disorder for many years.

What causes OSA?
OSA is a serious sleep-related breathing disorder, caused by tongue and upper airway muscles relaxing to the point they collapse and obstruct air passage. This blocking of the airway may cause multiple brief interruptions in breathing: as many as 600 in a single night! For each interruption, the patient experiences an unconscious micro-awakening when struggling to re-open the upper airways and resummon breathing. During this cycle, a loud and sudden breathing noise is produced. As a consequence of the repeated awakenings, sleep is not restful or refreshing. In the morning, the patients get up feeling tired. They often report lack of concentration and daytime sleepiness, which threaten their safety by increasing risk for drowsy driving and workplace accidents.

Is snoring a sign of OSA?
Loud snoring may be a significant symptom of OSA. Untreated sleep apnea may raise your risk for important health problems such as hypertension, heart attack or stroke. Other disorders, such as diabetes and erectyle dysfunction as severe as impotence, may be associated with OSA.
Whoever manifests the mentioned symptons should therefore see an orthodontist specialising in dental sleep medicine.